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Joint EAGE/BVG/FKPE Workshop

03.12.2021, UPDATE: ONLINE
Chair: Prof. Dr. Horst Rüter und Dr. Christian Bücker


Hydro- Thermal- Mechanical Modelling (THM) and Ground Truth

Modelling geothermal reservoirs needs a lot of experience and a lot of parameters to give reliable results. It is often seen by reality, that the models are not describing exactly the behavior of the reservoir. What are the reasons for these discrepancies between simulation and real operation?

Reservoir simulation is a digital description of the reservoir combined with physical and mathematical equations which is used to predict the future performance of the reservoir (oil, gas, or hot water). Reservoir simulation means dealing with solving a set of equations and a digital model of the reservoir by using an appropriate software simulator. History matching is used as a part of uncertainty quantification, a process of building one or more sets of numerical models accounting for observed real data. The matched model than is used for future performance of the reservoir. Often, long-term forecasts are based only on a single history-matched, and the geologic model along with the geological data are not in the loop.

Of utmost importance for a reliable THM modelling are parameters from borehole and surface measurements, such as:

  • Geometrical input
  • Geological input
  • Initial temperatures
  • Petrophysical parameters
  • Fluids, dissolved solids, not condensable gases
  • Fault estimates, size, parameters, orientation
  • Initial stress field, stress field development
  • Pore pressure
  • Temperature development
  • Borehole fault intersection

Further issues for the workshop are:

  • Machine learning
  • Extraction and injection
  • Modelling, Software,
  • Mathematical issues, codes, computer capacity/ time
  • Reservoir scales
  • Parameters, rock, fluids
  • Validation by logging
  • Validation by pumping tests
  • History matching, case histories, lessons learned
  • Induced seismicity, seismic catalogue, max. magnitudes
  • Thermal breakthrough
  • Reservoir sustainability (50y)

The workshop will be a cross-over event between the Oil & Gas and the geothermal community.
The workshop can be booked apart from the Geothermal congress or as a part of the congress ticket.

Please submit your abstracts. The deadline is 31st of August 2021.

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