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3:30-3:50 pm - Forum 7

Redesign of well pad "X" geothermal separator with demister pad to increase separator effiency to get maximum steam and brine separation in the field "Y"

Sofyan, Akhmad; Sumantri Aka, Hari; Ermanda, Muhammad Bobi

Polytechnic of Energy and Mineral Akamigas, Indonesien

The "Y" Geothermal Field has a geothermal power plant with a capacity of 60 MWe. This field produces two-phase fluid dominated by water. One of the wells in this field, the Well Pad "X", has experienced an increase in production from 4 MWe to 9 MWe, making the production equipment capacity less to cope with the increase in production. Therefore, a redesign for surface facilities at this well must be carried out, so that the quality of the steam entering the turbine becomes better. The re-design will be done is a separator with a demister pad added so that the separation results become more optimal. In planning the separator requires data in the field such as production rate, pressure, temperature, enthalpy, and previous design data. From the data obtained in the field, Well Pad "X" produces two-phase fluid at 84.5 tons/hour with a steam fraction of 93.6%, so that the steam produced is 79.1 tons/hour and brine at 5.4 tons /hour. The data is then entered into the simulator in accordance with the length of the pipe in the field to simulate the flow from the well to the main steam using the Hysys 8.8 simulator and a safety factor of 50%. Simulator Hysys 8.8 uses the ASME Steam as a property package for this simulation. The simulation results obtained energy balance which will be used to redesign surface facilities. The re-design of the separator dimensions is 2.5 m (diameter) and 4.8 m (height) and the demister pad dimension is 1.6 m (diameter) and 200 mm (thickness). Geothermal fluid entering the separator is 126.8 tons/hour, after being separated it is obtained a steam flow rate of 119.1 tons/hour and a brine flow rate of 7.6 tons/hour or fraction. Whereas the result of separator efficiency using the demister pad is 99.9997% and carry out is 0.0003%, so that the efficiency of the separator with a demister pad is better than ordinary separator which has 99% efficiency.

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